Khonsu God of moonKhonsu is the ancient Egyptian god of the moon. During his nightly journeys to the moon he protected the Egyptian people. Even then people were busy with space exploration and tried to understand the bigger picture.

Human achievements
The performance of people in ancient times strengthens our imagination. If you are struggling or you are afraid to fail, it often works inspiring for me to look back at the great achievements of people in the past. One of the most famous examples are the pyramids of the Egyptians. It is still unimaginable how they were able to realize these large buildings at that time.


It was written in the stars
Their god of the moon is proof that the Egyptians were already occupied with the stars and considered the universe as important to their daily routine. It is fascinating how man used the stars in times gone by for example navigating, planting and harvesting, idolizing and as a calendar.  At the moment, the exploration of space and our role in the galaxy is once again in the spotlight thanks to innovative and imaginative projects and companies. For example: the one way mission to Mars, the projects of SpaceX and Virgin Galactica.

Ancient astronomy

The design
We wanted a design that can inspire you. The abstract lines provide the modern age while the pyramids evoke the memory of everyone who has gone before us. Their achievements and imagination have ensured that we can now explore space. It encourage us to work together on a solution to ensure our survival as human beings just like Khonsu watched of his people.  

Khonsu design

Older story

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    I came to this site because I liked this design, but the story behind it is even better. Good job!

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