What would a solar eclipse look like in the far future, when life is no longer possible on earth? If you like space exploration, retrowave music and the 1980s read this creation and check our designs made with it.


Don’t mess with the moon

First men image, juger
After seeing the blockbuster 'First Men', the question arose whether it is wise for us 'people' to explore the moon. Do we not defy our own happiness? While I was sitting in the cinema chair, I wondered what the negative consequences could be of, for example, space travelling to the moon.

We all know that the moon is extremely important to the earth. Because the fact that we can now live on earth is due, among other things, to the fact that we are fortunate that the distance from the moon to earth is perfectly positioned at this moment to sustain life.


A little bit of science

The moon continuously moves away from the earth with 3.78 cm per year. For us it seems nihil, but if you look at the age of the moon, 4.52 billion years, there is only a short period in its existence that the distance from the moon to earth is suitable to sustain life. An interesting article about this for those who are interested:


Our design

When we started designing tshirts at Juger it was unavoidable that a design had to come with the well-known ‘retrowave’ sun. At Juger we love this genre of electronic music influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games. This sun is the symbol for the retrowave culture. We therefore decided to project the shadow of the moon on the sun.

The moon is important to everyone who loves space exploration and symbolizes what we can achieve as people if we have enough imagination and perseverance. As explained in the far future the distance of the moon will be increasing so we made the shadow of the moon smaller. 


Most likely no one will get to see it: 


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