It is now certain that cryptocurrencies have a future, but no one know what the future will look like because the bitcoin is ‘uncontainable’.


Great inventions

Wheel invention

When the great unknown, Satoshi Nakamoto, published his paper describing the bitcoin digital currency at Otcober 2008 no one could have foreseen what changes it would bring about.

Great inventions such as the wheel, written language, light bulb and the internet all have something in common: they have changed the path of mankind. While most people are skeptical about crypto valuta the real believers are convinced the blockchain can achieve the same over time as those great inventions.

'Blockchain' technology 

Crypto valutas are the most famous applications based on the blockchain technology. But the blockchain technology itself is the more important invention and it’s really unclear and exciting what this will mean for the future. Probably a lot of the digital infrastructure will be based on the blockchain in the future.

Shake up financial institutes

The same can mean the crypto-currency for the financial infrastructure in the future. And if so, it will shake up the financial institutes and the way people will think about money. Or is it a hype, like a lot of experts claim it to be? Well who knows… but it has the potential to be 'uncontainable'.


The design

We wanted to create a design which doesn’t reveal it’s message directly. Just like the bitcoin itself you need to reveal it before you’ll see it.

With the horizontal black and white lines we tried to create some confusion. The big yellow bar with the ‘uncontainable’ text is matching the color associated with money.

So if you like the blockchain technology, are a real crypto fan or like to see financial institutes maybe fall down in the future this is your design!


Uncontainable design

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